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Meet Samplead :
Go beyond your wildest dreams.

Automated warm leads platform based on behavioural economics

Samplead is a LinkedIn bot which generates warm leads, by targeting relevant customers and offering free samples, helping to boost and grow your business

Why us?

We create unique campaigns that help your business grow

Samplead is not just another automation platform or marketing service. It creates warm leads with minimum expense and effort. Built by business owners for business owners.

Positive ROI from day one is the name of the game!

what can we do for you?


Enjoy our unique marketing platform based on behaviour economics and the power of free. Our method is based on research developed by psychologists and other consumer behaviour experts

Save Time and money

With Samplead you pay per results!
It's like having a full-time sales person working for you.
Save 150+hours each month!


Gain REAL feedback from real Customers- expand your network and improve your product


Get detailed statistics of what works and what need to be improved
~13% Samples sent convert to sale!

Secured with no maintenance

No risk to your Linkedin profile

Content Marketing​

We work with professional teams of content writers and designers to create interesting and inspiring content for your campaign

How does it work?


Connect your Linkedin, CRM , Clandly accounts to the Samplead platform

2.Define Target

Answer a few questions and we will use our expertise to target the most relevant audiences

3.Define Offer

offer your prospective customers a free sample of your product. ~⅛ samples sent convert into sale

4. Samplead Magic

We reach your target audience, offering them a free sample of your product in exchange for product feedback.

You just have to sit back, and enjoy the incoming warm leads.

Meet our clients

They believe in us

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